How long are you going to let trauma from your past effect your life today?

Have you experienced trauma?

So many people are living their lives with the effects of trauma. Some even not realising they are "Traumatised". It doesnt have to be a huge dramatic event, sometimes its more about our ability to cope with certain events that have a negative, emotional impact on us. A fast and efficient therapy for PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and trauma treatment.

The Blast technique was created by Nick Davies, a hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and NLP therapist to speed up the process and efficiency of PTSD.

The Blast technique uses eye movement desensitation and reprocessing (EMDR) utilising the brains natural processing systems.

Practitioners and clients are amazed at how fast and effective the blast technique is for PTSD, traumatic memories and life events, phobias and anxiety. The blast technique allows you to process trauma and let it go. Allowing you to get on with a happier life.

Our amazing minds do have a natural way of dealing with shocks, but if an experience exceeds a persons ability to cope at the time it occurred, the trauma, the emotions can get stuck and not get processed in the brain. If symptoms of shock and trauma last longer than a month PTSD may be diagnosed.

According to NICE guidelines, symptoms of PTSD and trauma include:

  • 1

    Continually reliving the event

  • 2

    Hyper vigilence

  • 3

    Feeling of isolation & detachment

  • 4

    Sleep problems

  • 5

    Anger or uncontrolled crying

  • 6

    Lack of energy & focus

Whats the science behind it?

Neuroscience shows the right side of the brain is over active and acts like there is an immediate threat or danger in sufferers of PTSD and trauma.

The blast technique utilises precise bi-lateral eye movements with a light pen with hypnotic suggestions to help the client reprocess the traumatic event.

The person can still remember the event but without any physical or emotional charge.

Every Blast EMDR therapist has their own unique membership number. Mine is BL16144.

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