I cannot recommend or thank Natasha enough.
My phobia of birds, but especially
pigeons, was getting to the point where it was ruining family outings and holidays and my life in general. I knew it was time to get help, when we had been on a family holiday and I had to leave a rooftop cafe (well I ran!) and couldn't sit on the sun beds with my family, because of the roaming pigeons.
I contacted Natasha and had some sessions with her, starting at the beginning of this year.
The photo here is taken by me last week, from my sun bed!
I also sat in the same rooftop cafe calmly, without constantly
looking around for pigeons.
Thank you so much Natasha, I wish I had found you years ago. Myself and my family are amazed at what I can now do without anxiety xx
Linda, Nantwich
Hi there, I hope that you are well. I just thought that you might like to know how well Fred is doing. He has put on 1 stone in the last twelve months and is now on the lower end of the normal height and weight range for his age.
He is trying new foods, he tried rice noodles the other night and even took a bite of lasagne recently. He still likes tomato pasta which is a great filler and really helps if we know he has a big day the next day to ensure he has enough energy.
Overall he is much more positive about food. After nearly six years of hating food, the hypnosis with you was the turning point. He still talks about you and trying new food.
He isn't a foodie yet! and still considers bananas exotic but he is really trying and that is down to your hypnosis.
Anyway I thought you would like to hear how positive things are and I also wanted to say thank you - as we have tried and tried other approaches - nothing else had worked.
Belated happy new year and thank you

Katy Cheshire

"I had been suffering with feelings of anxiety, panic attacks and found myself overeating whenever I felt emotional and out of control.
I needed someone who would listen to me and hopefully be able to get to the core of my issues.
Natasha is a very gifted hypnotherapist and introduced me to EFT, which I found to be powerful and very healing.
Our sessions were always carried out in a calm and professional way, were very relaxing but most of all I felt in a safe environment.
Natasha not only went to a lot of trouble to really understand the things that were bothering me but gave me some very valuable insights and techniques that I continue to use and practice.
I am so much calmer, my self esteem has improved and best of all have developed a healthier relationship with food and lost weight - I feel like a different person!
I would highly recommend Natasha to any one looking for an inspirational therapist, from my experience I can’t recommend her highly enough!"
Vanessa Sandbach Cheshire
"I'm doing really well with my gastric band - I've now lost 15 pounds in total so I've got my first stone under my belt. Did really well the first week - lost 4 pounds then it's just steadlily coming off at 1 - 2 pounds a week which is fantastic. Am still amazed each time I weigh myself and more has come off"!! 
Weight loss client Louise, Cheshire

"Cannot believe the difference in myself, don't even think about food anymore and have lost nearly a stone in four weeks and still loosing, amazing".

Weight loss client Nicola, Manchester

Cant believe I have just flown to Mauritius without any panic or terror that I experienced in the past, my life has changed completely I am now free to travel the world all thanks to Natasha. It only took four sessions of hypnosis and EFT to eradicate my fears and phobias, thank you, thank you, thank you. 

Barbera, Nantwich

I'm now in size 10 jeans!!!! get me eh? below 10st and well within 'healthy' range on BMI! Dunno how you did it but very grateful you did! thanks!

Hypno-band client Julie, Crewe

I have been suffering with anxiety, panic attacks and depression for over thirty years. Only six sessions of hypnosis, eft and reiki I am like a new woman. Have not been so happy or confident in my whole life. Cant thank Natasha enough, she is so kind, understanding, professional and caring. I now have a whole set of strategies and tools to make sure I continue to feel amazing. Cant believe the changes I have made.....Thank you.

 Mary Stocksbridge, Northwich Cheshire.

I have been to Natasha a few times for a couple of reasons, I have recommended her to a few people, she is so lovely and friendly, she really makes you feel at ease and she has really helped with my anxiety! Xxx

Kerri, Crewe

One of the best things I have ever done. Really glad you were recommended to me. Amazing lady and made me feel at ease couldn't ask for more :) thank you. 

Kai, Cheshire

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