Are you struggling with weight loss?
Do you want to feel Sexy, Slim, Healthy and Fabulous?

Then keep reading.... my Sexy, Slim, Healthy and Fabulous weight loss programme is for you.Hypnosis can provide the extra motivation and determination to keep you moving in the direction of your goals, and help you escape the many food traps that can cause weight gain.

As you might imagine, if major medical associations have approved the use of hypnosis to treat disease, imagine how powerful it is when treating thought patterns that stand in the way of the slim body you deserve!

Hypnosis is the perfect tool for re-educating your unconscious mind - the part that creates cravings and impulses - to give you back real  choice in what you eat.

Have you ever felt that the whole weight loss game is just one big lie? You lose some weight - you put it back on. Each time you feel even more miserable than you did before. Have you ever wondered why in spite all your Will-Power something seems to spring you back to the former weight?

Most people, when they look back at their weight loss history find that over time they are actually putting weight on. What a contradiction!


Does this sound familiar to you? Do you want to know the real secret?

People who are happy with their weight and keep to a healthy weight don't actually try. They just do things a certain way. The formula for success is actually easy and it's the same formula being used again and again. It's actually all about "habits".

Want to stop going round in circles trying to break old habits? The reason hypnosis is such a powerful tool for weight loss is it's potential to help you build new healthy habits. This is ideal for easy, natural weight loss. I am dedicated to the idea that this weight loss should be permanent and healthy and that's why hypnosis is the most effective way to generate and keep lasting positive habits.

Hypnosis is the most direct way to open the subconscious mind to a highly suggestive state.  Our subconscious mind is where our habits, beliefs and self image are stored and by accessing it we can reprogramme them.

Despite what all the fitness authorities would have you believe, there's only one secret to losing weight, and that is...To burn more calories than you consume!

The Only Way Your Body Can Lose Weight

The key to avoid by diminishing your appetite!

Right, like it's that simple. The bad news is that controlling your cravings seems to be an impossible task. It's very difficult to control the "urge" to overeat. Here's the reason why...

Hunger Vs. Appetite

Most of the times we eat when we are not physically hungry, we are emotionally hungry!!

But it is possible for you to have feelings (cravings and appetite) that you interpret as hunger, and those feelings compel you to eat.

Hunger is the body's call for nourishment, while appetite is eating and drinking for pleasure in order to avoid discomfort.

Simply put, you'll realise that your failure to lose weight hasn't been caused by hunger or your body calling out for food. Your failure to lose weight has been caused by your mind screaming out for food!

Key Reasons Why We Overeat

  • Stress!

    Being overweight may affect your relationships, decrease your self-confidence, and make you worry about your future.

    This could make you feel stressed out; and before you know it, you constantly find yourself in self feeding cycle.

    Here's a shocking fact: Your unconscious thoughts could be causing your stress and sabotaging your weight loss efforts without your knowledge!

    Our persistent thoughts spring forth from our unconscious mind. These are the thoughts that constantly pop into our consciousness and we find ourselves automatically thinking about throughout the day.

    If the persistent thoughts that keep popping into your head are about your problems, then you build up stress; and as mentioned before, stress makes you crave food.

  • Conditioned Response Eating

    Do you find yourself craving food at specific times? Perhaps you have cravings when watching TV, or working on your computer, before an exam or when a particular event happens. This means you have an unconscious trigger, created a long time ago, which simply acts as an automatic device.

  • Protection

    Our subconscious is not rational, it sometimes protects us in ways which are counter-productive in other areas in life. Only accessing our subconscious can we change this mis-protecting message

  • Filling a sensation of emptiness

    Sometimes we misdirect our energy. We feel there is an emptiness in a certain area of life and as it cannot be fulfilled (or at least we seem to be convinced it cannot), we misplace the way of getting a fulfilling sensation, turning to food, which momentarily works, but very soon it adds up to the cycle of Stress.

    In the state of hypnosis suggestions can be given to deal with each an every one of these aspects, and create a natural and organic change of habits which willl, on a consistent daily basis help you to loose weight effortlessly.
    Hypnosis is a medium that you can use to change your unconscious thoughts. It can rapidly alter the way you think, feel, and behave.

    With hypnosis you enter a highly suggestible state where you can create new patterns of behaviour by delivering suggestions, uncovering forgotten causes for the habit, enhance your self esteem which will immediately reduce stress and worry. Also you can learn to relax as with hypnosis you can create a profound state of deep relaxation in just a couple of minutes.

    You can with less effort than you imagine achieve the following steps in your way to achieving the body you wish for yourself

  • Stop eating when full

  • Eat smaller portions

  • Healthier eating habits

  • Be more active, move more, create the desire to exercise

  • Eliminating unhealthy foods

  • Improve confidence and self esteem

  • Feel better about yourself

And now there is a the revolutionary system called Hypno-Band!

What if you could have all the benefits of a Surgical Gastric Band, without the surgery and cost? Well now you can! By using the Hypno-Band hypnotherapy system to create a state of mind where you will believe you actually have a Gastric Band fitted! You will eat smaller portions and feel full. The Hypno-Band system is a long term solution to your weight problems.

How does it work?

The Hypno-Band system is a non-invasive, behaviour changing method which uses the techniques of Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). With the combination of techniques we also address the psychological and emotional reasons which may be currently influencing overeating. This is very important, so often with therapy, this vital part gets overlooked. Once this is dealt with we move onto the 'virtual gastric band' phase of the treatment. This involves being taken through gastric band surgery using hypnosis. You will also learn different approaches to eating. The Hypnoband system is only available from qualified hypnotherapists.

How much does it cost and long will it take?

Your investment in yourself is £495 You will have 5 personal sessions. The first session lasts two hours, the other four each take one and a half hours. You will also receive four audio down loads for you to use at home to reinforce the effectiveness of your treatment.

Is the HYPNO-BAND Weight Loss System suitable for me?

If you are overweight with a BMI of around 25 or more, and are committed to losing weight then you are likely to be suitable. The exceptions would be if there is a physiological reason for your weight problems, if you are taking certain medications or have certain psychological conditions.

Like any medical or therapy procedure there can be no definite guarantees. Even a surgeon cannot guarantee that an actual gastric band will work. However, the virtual gastric band has been proved to be effective in aiding significant weight loss. It should be noted that it is YOU that holds the key to losing weight.

The Sexy, Slim and Fabulous programme and the Hypno-Band Plus-The Premier Service, - Your journey to loving what you see in the mirror

Do any of these describe you?

  • You have become discouraged, disheartened and depressed about your body and physical image

  • You feel sad and upset when you look in the mirror

  • You feel out of control, hopeless, helpless, fearful and angry at yourself for being overweight

If you can relate to any of the above or there is some other reason why you feel you may benefit from extra support, this is the program for you. You will receive the full Hypno-Band Weight Loss Program plus three extra personal sessions at the cost of £680. To help you to re-build your self-esteem so you can:

  • Gain compassion and acceptance for yourself

  • Feel confidence and comfort being in your own skin

  • Access the wise woman/man within and embrace your personal power

  • Release any abusive patterns or wounds

  • Lose weight while enjoying eating like you’ve never done before (people are always surprised they discover for themselves that they can actually do this!)

Ready to find out more?

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